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Alpha Design & Construction can assist you with any building project you can imagine.

Whether you want to renovate and existing condo unit, buy a new off-plan that you customize, or build your dream home out in the country we can help turn your dream from concept to reality.

The main service areas for Alpha Design & Construction can be broken into three core elements.

FIRST: Design - the design team will meet with the client to discuss the vision for the space and brainstorm ideas and produce drawings depicting the renovation or construction project.

SECOND: Production - Once the design has been approved and finalized then production will begin, the team will manage all aspects of the construction or renovation project.

THIRD: Maintenance - Once your project is complete a maintenance team will be designated to maintain and service your home and garden.

Alpha Design & Construction is well equipped for new construction and are happy to take on new projects, however they really shine doing renovation projects in Pattaya. Services available for both new projects and renovation projects include:

  • New Construction & Renovation

New construction for homes or offices is available from start to finish. Renovation projects are our specialty, condos, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, home office additions, the combining of multiple condo units into one master unit, Master Suite renovations, and house renovations are all available from start to finish.

  • Interior & Exterior Design

Experienced designers will render either interior or exterior design options based on the concepts discussed at design meetings. Whether you want to change the design of one small space or redecorate an entire office building no job is too big or too small.

  • Swimming Pools & Landscaping and Hardscaping

Thailand has an endless summer and many people spend a lot of time outside. Alpha Design & Construction can help make your outdoor space one you will never want to leave. Whether you want a swimming pool with a waterfall, a lush tropical garden, or a brick oven as part of an outdoor gourmet kitchen we can make your space into a reality.

  • Electrical & Plumbing work

There are experts available for all electrical and plumbing needs. From full home automation, to simple jobs, like a basic bathroom renovation.

  • Security Systems & Perimeter Walls

Safety and security are paramount especially when you are considering your most important things in life like family. Protect your home investments with state of the art security and monitoring systems or have a perimeter wall installed for your home in the country.

The list is endless, contact us and find out what we can do to help you build or renovate your dream - office or commercial project home in Pattaya and the surrounding areas.

We are View Talay condominium experts with over 40 projects started and completed in the last 4 years aloneā€¦ Follow this link to see some of our work, Our Projects.